The boutique agency with an international outlook

The Agency

Katch & Reyners is a Paris-based boutique communication agency serving the cross-border needs of institutional, corporate and private clients.

Our integrated offer combines corporate communication, crisis management and public affairs based on a strong knowledge of the French, British and US political and media landscapes.

We provide the expertise, as well as the tools, to meet our clients’ needs. Whether building public dialogue, creating a strong network or influencing legislation, we are able to identify our client’s target audience and determine the right message to deliver optimum results.

Our originality is our strong international experience, which allows us to act as a bridge between different cultures and views, be it political or media-related.

Founded in 2015, Katch & Reyners has served more than a dozen clients (international companies, start-ups, hedge funds, trade associations, NGOs, leading figures) who can vouch for our expertise in fields such as foreign affairs, environment, healthcare, tech, finance and transportation.

The Network

Our past experiences have allowed us to build up a vast network of readily available contacts in foreign policy (United States, Eastern Europe), economics (finance, tax systems, transport), tourism and culture (gastronomy, literature, photography, environment).

We work, on a regular basis, with the editorial boards of the French TV, radio and print media as well as with numerous bloggers and online influencers. Our past and present clients have led us to be in touch with the French ministerial cabinets and MPs.

We represent a large range of firms - from start-ups to big structures - civil and political organisations, as well as international leaders needing visibility in Europe.


Defining your Strategy Integrating your immediate and long-term goals, we build your strategy - whether that is for a change of image, media promotion, crisis communication or political influence. We analyse factual data, and poll our network.

Understanding your environment We identify the stakeholders and determine the potential risks and opportunities.

Transmitting your Vision We go further than mere lobbying or article pitching. We restructure your messages, slogans and vision to articulate them around a coherent editorial axis. We build and conceive, with you, stories around your stories, broadening your subjects to interest not only specialists, but also the general public.

Media relations

Media monitoring
P1ress releases
Draft & placement of Op-eds
Media training
Online communication

Public affairs

Legislative and regulatory watch
Analysis & mapping
of political forces
Involvement in legislative process
Lobbying and influence


Exhibits & festivals
Press & political junkets


Médecins du monde – Communication

In June 2016, Médecins du Monde, a campaigning medical organisation committed to international solidarity, launched a awareness raising campaign called “The price of life” aimed at fighting against the indecent drug prices.
Following the refusal of the major urban advertisers to display the campaign, MdM hired K-R to circumvent this censorship and shed the light on the campaign in the French media.

Talents en exil – Communication

Between June and August 2016, the association Action Emploi Refugiés (AERé) has created the “Talent in Exile, refugees in Paris » exhibition in partnership with the Paris City Hall and the UNHCR.
The show is centered around a series of 20 portraits of refugees who came to France, photographed by Benjamin Loyseau and with Saskia de Rothschild’s text. K-R has decided, as pro bono, to put its expertise and network at the disposal of the organizers and take over the event’s PR.

The team

ZOE REYNERS is a consultant in public relations, specializing in image, political, institutional as well as crisis communication.
Zoé has been working in PR and communication since 2008, after a start in publishing (Denoël, Paris), followed by event creation and management (Le Fooding, NewYork). She then heads the 'media and events' department of the agency NoECom (Paris) before spending a year in Washington,D.C. as counselor at the Georgian Embassy.
During four years, she is a consultant with international institutions and personalities (the Georgian National Security Council; Mikhail Khodorkovsky; Kanal Pik TV; Andrei Nekrassov; Tblissi Photo Festival).
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IRAKLI KATCHKATCHISHVILI is a consultant in public and international affairs, specialized in political, economic and digital influence.
He is a graduate of Paris University (Paris11) in European law and diplomacy, and strategic negociations. He was part of the crisis group at the Embassy of Georgia in Paris during the Russian/Georgian war in 2008, before heading the economis department of the Communications agency NoECom.
He then spends a year developing several European projects within the digital department of Expertise France.

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